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  • ★【Bi-color light】Adopting double-sided lamp beads design, one side is CCT lamp beads, the other is lamp beads. 147 cold white lights + 147 warm white lights + 44 high-quality LED lamp beads, support CCT mode 2500K-8500K wide-range color temperature adjustment;1530° Full colors,support and HSI 2 color modes, hue, brightness, saturation adjustable.
  • ★【High Quality】Made of high-quality aluminum alloy material and with CNC machining technology, this light is strong, durable and delicate; The top cover is equipped with quick-install screws,and the soft light film inside the light can be removed and installed easily as required. Also there is a 1/4 screw hole at the handle bottom, which makes this light extendable. So you can either hold the handle to shoot or use it with other accessories like tripod by the 1/4 screw hole.
  • ★【Simple Operation】With OLED display, you can change the mode and adjust every parameter clearly and easily. Also you can know which scene mode is being used by the scene name. Moreover it supports Fine /Coarse setting so you can select the adjustment unit by 1%(slow) or 5%(fast),.No need remote controland or APP at all,simple operation.
  • ★【Large-capacity Battery】No need to buy extra batteries, with built-in 7.4V 5200mAh(equal to 3.7V 10400mAh) large-capacity lithium battery, DC charging interface(Charging adapter included), this light has long working hours. It can last up to 4 hours under full power(100% brightness 8500K in CCT mode). Also the battery can be easily removed and replaced(but you might never need to replace it for its powerfull battery).
  • ★【Widely Used】This light supports 10 scene modes, including two simulate Lightning scenes, Cinema scene, Police scene, Ambulance scene, Fire truck scene, Fast scene, Slow RGB scene, SOS scene and Candlelight scene, so it's really useful and multipurpose. With the great color performance, powerfull battery and OLED simple operation, it can be widely used in many situations like object shooting, light painting, portrait, stage, party, Emergency, Dinner etc. You decide the usage!

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Sutefoto rgb light wand is designed with double-sided lamp beads, with a large light emitting angle. CCT lamp beads are placed on one side to support 2500K- 8500K color temperature, and RGB lamp beads are placed on the other side. It supports RGB and HSI 2 color working modes. Supports saturation adjustment, up to 16 million combinations of colors. Supports 10 scenarios to simulate special effects.

Main features:

  • 1. OLED dot matrix display, encoder digital dimming, support coarse or fine adjustment mode, dimming is fast, accurate and reliable.
  • 2. LED color rendering index ≥ 95, true color reduction, brightness adjustable 0- 100%, ultra-wide color temperature range 2500K-8500K adjustable.
  • 3. Can be held by hand or mounted on a 1 / 4-inch screw head, equipped with a removable soft film design.
  • 4. Built-in 7.4V 5200mAh large-capacity lithium battery, 100% battery life in CCT mode is about 4 hours, and the built-in battery can be easily removed and replaced.
  • 5. Built-in professional LED driver chip, no ripples and flickers when shooting, especially suitable for creating three-dimensional light effects in small spaces, and wide-angle fill light, creative shooting, live broadcast, camping, selfie, still life, micro movie, video shooting, etc. use.
  • 6.Metal Handle, solid and durable.


  • I. The specifications of this product are tested according to our laboratory samples.The product may have slight differences and will not affect the normal use.The design and specifications are subject to change without any notice.
  • II. Please keep dry, do not touch the product with wet hands, and do not immerse the product in water or expose it to rain.Do not use in a closed environment with high temperature or direct sunlight.The built-in lithium battery is forbidden to be disassembled, impacted, squeezed or put into fire. Please strictly follow the corresponding operating rules,otherwise it may cause an explosion or fire.
  • III.Unplug the USB cord after charging is complete.If the product has not been used for a long time, please charge the product first.This product has a built-in lithium battery. After a period of use, the battery life will be shortened, which is a normal phenomenon.


Made of high-quality aluminum and with CNC technology; strong, durable and delicate.

OLED display

Easy operation with clear display

RGB 1530° full color;Stepless dimming

Support 1530° hue adjustment under HSI mode

Bi-color mode

  • Color temperature adjustable: 2500-8500;
  • brightness adjustable:0-100%

Soft light film

We have a soft light film insert in the light from the top and it's removable;

Built-in rechargeable battery

  • Continuous working time: about 4h;
  • Charging Time:about 3.5h;
  • Charging type: DC input.


Power ON/OFF & Mode Setting

  • Long press power button to turn the power on. the LED lights up, and the display batterylevel icon is the current reference power.
  • Short press power button to cycle through the CCT color temperature mode/HSI mode/RGB mode/Scene mode. Long press this buttonturn off the power again.
  • Press[Fine/Coarse] button to set, select(F)fine to enter fine mode, 1% is a unit of adjustment, then press this botton again, select(C)coarse to enter coarse mode, 5% is a unit of adjustment.
  • Press the multi-function knob to switch the selection in every mode; Rotate the knob to adjust the detail parameter.


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