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The Reusable Cotton Swab

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Please help us grow the The Reusable Cotton Swab community and reduce plastic in our oceans. Click on a button below and spread some love for the planet.


The tips of Cotton Swab also have the resilience to be cleaned thoroughly, enabling long-term use.    

Cotton Swab comes in several colors, so you can pick the one that fits you best. Standard The Reusable Cotton Swab colors to the left and Make-up colors to the right:   

The different colors make it easy for you to organize your swabs in your home so they don’t get mixed up!  

1.5 billion cotton swabs are produced every single day and the average American uses 415 cotton swabs every year. In the UK damage is evident: For every 100 feet of beach there are 9 cotton swabs.  Let's make single-use cotton swabs a thing of the past! 

To create The Reusable Cotton Swab, we tested dozens of prototypes – we wanted to get it just right. 

Both our two innovative designs feature a soft-feel tip made of medical silicone. It is delicate enough to be suitable for sensitive body parts, and so precise that it’ll become a make-up essential. 


Paper, wood and hemp cotton swabs are bad too. The CO2 emissions from the production and transport of these single use cotton swabs can be avoided with The Reusable Cotton Swab.

Even the case for The Reusable Cotton Swab is biodegradable, and the packaging it comes in is made of eco-friendly cardboard. The real game changer is that the swab is designed to last for thousands of uses – and we really hope the one you buy from us will be the The Reusable Cotton Swab.  




The Reusable Cotton Swab comes with a carry case so it's convenient to store and take with you on the go.

We have been through hundreds of iterations in order to find the right feel and look for The Reusable Cotton Swab - and we're pretty sure we’ve nailed it. 

The Reusable Cotton Swab is made up of a stiff, compact nylon core with soft medical silicone on each end, and is both aesthetically pleasant and functional.

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